DO try it at home!



The Elephant Toothpaste


Code, Code, Code!

Have you ever wondered about how to create a personal elephant toothpaste? And what if we told you that it looks like a foam fountain and you can easily do it in your kitchen? Take a look at this page and create it now!


Do you know that you can become a coder in a very simple way? Have a look at this link and try it asap!




The Birthday Paradox

Build your BRUSHBOT!

Have you ever thought about creating a robot all by yourself? Are you fed up with you your mother complaining about the dirt in your room? Well, here you have the chance to make her happy 😃 and to create you own and unique Brushbot!

Did you know that, if you take a group of 23 people and ask them the day of their birthday, you will have a 50:50 chance to find two people whose birthday is the same day? Don’t you think so? Click here and try it youself!


Want to know more and try new experiments ?

Here’s some useful links! Science Buddies, a complete website with over 1150 crazy ideas in all areas of science! Try out Science Bob's experiments as well, using simple materials you have at home, or have a look at Kitchen Pantry Scientist and try to make slimes, orbs, gels, crystals and more following simple recipes, but don’t forget At-Bristol and check out their easy and short videos from everyday baking to measuring pi. Do you want to become a professional coder instead? Visit and start your computer programming now!

Do you want to stay connected with what’s happening in the amazing world of STEM?

Visit these interesting websites and stay tuned!  

Science Alert has the latest science news from Australasia, while Scientific American is a very famous science news magazine (their fact or fiction page looks at common myths!), but don’t forget National Geographic, which will help you discover the world using beautiful visuals.


But don't forget to have fun with science!

While A Mighty Girl celebrates women in all fields and highlights books, movies, and toys that do the same, to make you laugh a bit take a look at these interesting webpages: Beatrice the Biologist which finds humor everywhere, from our tiniest cells to the world's biggest living organisms, and don’t forget to visit The Awkward Yeti, a funny website which considers what the world would be like if your organs had minds of their own! Last but not least visit the Robots of MIT's Facebook page posts from their point of view.


Are you interested in a specific subject and want to know more about it? Take a look at the links below!


ASAP Science 's videos look at health, senses, foods, moods, and more, while  Brain Craft  shows how our brains help us out... and sometimes fool us!

ASAP Science's videos look at health, senses, foods, moods, and more, while Brain Craft shows how our brains help us out... and sometimes fool us!


Learn about galaxies and their classifications with  Galaxy Zoo .

Learn about galaxies and their classifications with Galaxy Zoo.


Reactions  shows how chemistry affects our everyday lives.

Reactions shows how chemistry affects our everyday lives.


Minute Physics ' YouTube channel uses animations to illustrate physics concepts and answer questions.

Minute Physics' YouTube channel uses animations to illustrate physics concepts and answer questions.


Practice makes perfect! So start asap!

Here’s some cool videos (and more) that you better click on!

The Khan Academy has short videos in all STEM subjects. They’ll help you find your starting level and reward you with points with each video you watch, but you can also find 100,000 fun and short TED Lessons on every subject, or answers to some common science questions on Reddit. Or even ask your own! While Crash Course has very popular videos on chemistry, ecology, and biology, Veritasium has songs, experiments, and videos about a variety of STEM concepts.



participate in real research!

Analyze data for Zooniverse's projects to help scientists create larger databases, but if you love birds don’t miss the chance to help ornithologists track bird populations through eBird and the Great Backyard Bird Count.


Some demos to try...


…and much more!

Brain Pickings, a general interest blog, sometimes celebrates scientific curiosity and pursuit, while Brain Floss's videos address "Big Questions" and "Misconceptions". Interesting answers to questions you might never ask! Mythbusters's videos tear apart everyday myths by using large-scale science experiments! Or discover how real-life problems are being solved through science with TED's 20-minute videos (and their blog) feature "Ideas Worth Spreading" in many fields.