Through the generosity of our network, we provide a scholarship to provide university‐level education in STEM‐related areas to girls in disadvantaged communities around the world.

Read more about four of our chosen girls below...

4 of the girls chosen to receive our global scholarships 

4 of the girls chosen to receive our global scholarships 

Greenlight for Girls believes that the future is full of possibilities and that every girl has the right to dream big. But there are bright girls in many parts of the world for whom accessing the possibilities that life has to offer is a bit of a challenge. College education is an expensive affair, we all know that and for parents’ with monthly incomes ranging from $40 to $60, saving money for their children’s education is not an option. The Global Scholarship Project is an attempt to empower these girls by giving wings for the dreams to take off. Our objective is raise awareness and funds to send a select group of girls inclined to study science to college. We also believe that this would be a Chain of Change and wouldn’t just end with the chosen few.

Where is Global Scholarship Project taking place now?

Our first location is Bangalore in India. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, roughly 10% of Bangalore’s population lives in slums. 8 girls with exceptional academic records with dreams of pursuing a career in Science have been chosen and Greenlight for Girls would help funding their college education through the Global Scholarship Project. After Bangalore, Greenlight for Girls will replicate the project in other parts of the world. 

Breaking News!  We reached our first goal and we have the funds for their first semester - but we are still raising donations for their full education.

How did we identify these 8 girls?

It was important for us to identify girls who truly needed the scholarship and had an inclination to study science. With the help of our two amazing official partners (links to Parikrma & Nele) in Bangalore, we were able to do just that. After interviewing many candidates a decision was made. 4 girls from each of our official partners were identified. Each of these girls are unique in their own way with different stories but with one similar goal. They all want to be respected in the society and be treated an equal.

Four of our chosen girls

From the left Chaithra, Ramya, Maria and Sowmya being giggly 16 year olds!

From the left Chaithra, Ramya, Maria and Sowmya being giggly 16 year olds!

Soft spoken 17-year-old Ramya loves going to school. Her father, a mechanic tries to make ends meet with his monthly income of $60 and her mother is a homemaker. She lives with two of her younger brothers and a younger sister. Her parents want Ramya to have a better life than what they have and have encouraged her throughout. She is a great role model for her siblings, often helping them with their own studies. Between helping her siblings and her own studies, Ramya also finds time to help her mother with the house chores. Her favorite subject is Science, specifically Biology and wants to become and Environmental Engineer.

Sowmya is a bright, self-assured girl who is not afraid to be herself and loves challenging herself. In fact, that is why she loves Math as she enjoys, “breaking her head open to solve the problem.”  She loves to figure out the right way to solve a problem and the feeling of accomplishment that comes when an answer is reached.  Sowmya has varied interests from Forensic Science to the Harry Potter series! Her father is a carpenter and her mother a tailor. When we asked her what she wanted to become in life, she quipped, “Software Engineer. Because the job prospects would be great!” While being an engineer might be practical, her dream job would be that of a Fashion Designer where she could express herself through her designs.

The Lovely girls from Nele

The Lovely girls from Nele

Maria is known amongst her friends as the caring one. A thinker by nature, she loves Biology and is amazed at how the human body functions. It was a volunteer from a Career Centre who came to her class to talk about the medical field and that first sparked an interest in her.  With her love for science and her caring personality, a career in the medical field seems a perfect fit for Maria. She would love to pursue a career as either a nurse or a doctor because not only is it a respected, well-paying job but it would also allow her to use her skills to help people.

An energetic, engaging girl, Chaithra immediately stands out as a born leader.  She and her younger brother joined Parikrma six years ago after her father was offered a job teaching science. In November 2010, Chaithra had the experience of a lifetime when she travelled to America for three weeks to attend the Global Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego, CA.  Through an intense application process with essays and several interviews, Chaithra was selected to join a group of only 150 students from around the world! She has decided to become an Engineer and said she always knew she wanted to become one. Full of life and enthusiastic, Chaithra also sings beautifully! One day she hopes to be able to sing for the movies! 

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