You may wonder... Why is there a daisy in our logo?

For us, the daisy is fresh, young, feminine, hopeful — and full of math and science.
— Melissa Rancourt, Founder and Chairman

The reason for the daisy image is that flowers & in particular this flower is a demonstration of Fibonacci’s numbers.  Basically, the Fibonacci numbers are Nature's numbering system.  He is known as the greatest European mathematician of the middle ages.  He found that the number of petals in a flower created a numerical sequence that could be found all over nature and is the basis of quite a lot of mathematical reasoning -- still used today!

Apart from our scientific explanation on why we have a daisy in our logo, we also like the symbolic perspective.  Do you remember what one of the first things you used to draw when you were a child?  When we asked our network of friends, most of us answered - a daisy!