Our organisation, greenlight for girls, started with one e-mail sent to less than 100 people across the world, with one question – do you believe there is something we need to do to encourage girls in science?



Within 12 months, we had an official organisation, with over 500 volunteers, operating in every continent of the world. 

Our strategy started by turning the usual business model upside down.  First show the results, the need in the market and our capabilities, and then build a financial model that will sustain us for years to come.  We began with our (now) flagship event to bring forward a full day of science (in its fullest meaning) fun to girls in the Brussels area, our headquarters.  Due to the success of that day, our activities continue to thrive and grow, and we have now reached six continents, from Europe to Oceania and Africa, from Asia to North and South America, and we are really proud of it!

Our strategy and goals in each region of the world corresponds to the need in that region – all under the same mission of encouraging girls of all ages and backgrounds in science, math, engineering and technology.

We are volunteer run, fuelled by passion for instilling confidence in girls, and wish to share the fun of science in all its forms.

We look for key individuals who wish to lead our activities in their areas and we work with like-minded partners who can help (and whom we can help) to encourage girls that anything is possible.