Our experience at g4g and our trip to the European Parliament!!

Failure is nothing to be ashamed of....failure can grow into success. 

Inspired by Adina Valean, Vice-President of the European Parliament

Clara’s Thoughts:  First day of my internship at green light for girls! It went really well. The team is very friendly, open and welcoming. Jelena taught me a lot about communication which was super interesting. I learned how they manage to reach so many people through social media to bring them all together and create such huge and fun events! I’m managing g4g’s social media with Kate and we’re sharing fun facts about science,  it’s really exciting! I applied as an intern at g4g to get a feeling of how they organise their amazing events, to get an experience in communication and to learn discover more about science everyday. I’m very happy with what I learned, it went beyond my expectations! In some firms, internships only have to do photocopies all day which is pretty boring, but at g4g the organisers involve their interns, I felt like I was really part of their team. What I enjoyed the most was creating posts, you get to discover lots of interesting facts about science, my favorite one was learning about the 3D printing that will change our lives!

Kate’s thoughts: This week has been a really fun internship for me. I learnt a lot about communication and managing the g4g’s Facebook page – which was really cool! Throughout the week I was constantly managing the Facebook page: scheduling and creating posts. Then a new intern, called Clara, came and we’re now both managing the different social media. We posted about the summer solstice on June 21st, then about g4g welcoming their new interns, and then about our day at the European Parliament – which was so interesting. I did a lot of interesting activities based on communication, for example: taking over g4g’s different social media (Instagram and Facebook) which was really fun. On my third day, we all went to the European Parliament for a talk about Smart Cities: 

Our first conference! 

 This afternoon was full of great ideas. We attended the InnoApps conference at the European Parliament. Kate and I were really excited about it as it was our first time attending a conference in the European Parliament! We were impressed at how advanced the security measures were. The inside of the parliament seemed very futuristic. The Conference was organised by the European Young Innovators Forum and it was about Smart cities and the launching of the InnoApps 2016 Competition. We listened to Slajcho’s speech about his experience at the InnoApps as a finalist. His young entrepreneurship really inspired us because he was only 17 when he won the competition! We felt like politicians on our cool chairs and microphones in front of us. It was a really fun first conference and it inspired us to pursue our interests and get involved! We would like to be a part of g4g’s team in the future, we share their interests in science and we want to empower young women around the world! This conference gave us an insight on how globalisation works: it’s all about building bridges by trading and achieving goals together.