g4g in the museum @Herakleidon in Athens, Greece - launching a new initiative to inspire more girls in STEM

STEM: Επιστήμη για. Κορίτσια

What a wonderful start to our collaboration with Herakleidon Museum in Athens, Greece!

From January to April 2016, young girls aged 10-16 from the local region had the opportunity to participate in a series of science workshops over the weekends, explore the magic behind science and technology, while enjoying a beautiful venue at the Herakleidon Museum! 

Check out press clippings in Prasinizo, Talc Magazine, and iPaideia!!!

Here's a sneak peak into these great workshops inspired by greenlight for girls:

Valentine’s Alchemy

On February 14th, sixteen girls explored the world of alkalis, acids, the pH level, and how all these mix together to create a fabulously colorful dish in a special Valentine’s workshop! They worked in small groups to discover which substances, when mixed with cabbage juice, were acidic or alkali. They were thrilled with the results and also got to take home a delicious chocolate daisy as a treat to end a great day. 

Breaking Codes - become a g4g "codebreaker"!

With great enthusiasm, the girls succeeded in breaking codes and managed to understand the language of the computer. They experimented and discovered what connects the binary and decimal to the numerical system and had a wonderful time programming a robot to create shapes and draw! 

The Science of Beauty or is it the Beauty of Science?

The girls discovered the beauty of science but also the science of beauty! They created bath bombs which, once they touched the water, foamed and filled the room with a fabulous smell. They experimented with the ingredients and learned about their chemical composition and use on our skin! 

Since 2004, the Herakleidon Museum has consistently emphasized original and interactive educational opportunities for children and adults that combine science, art and mathematics. From exploring DNA to computer coding to bath bombs, these future scientists truly experienced our philosophy of hands-on learning.

A huge thank you to the director of the museum, Nicholas Kondoprias, the instructor leading the workshops, Vaso Amplianiti and our g4g Project Manager in Greece, Milena Amvrazi-Diamantopoulou for making this inspiring initiative a reality!