News from our Scholarship Girls in India!

“We love to study!”, says our greenlight girls scholarship recipients when we see them.  In the midst of their studies, we arranged a very special visit on 5th October – a trip to see behind-the-scenes at the Bosch manufacturing plant in Bangalore.  Our scholarship girls were provided a special tour of the plant by Bosch leadership.  The girls were in absolute awe of the opportunity.   Dr. Chandana Bhattacharya, who leads our g4g strategy in India, received a very special note from the girls – not only showing their appreciation but also demonstrating their amazing progress in learning English within a few short months. 


“Chandana Madam gave us a wonderful opportunity to visit a beautiful company BOSCH, so that I am very thank full to Chandana madam.  When madam told us that the BOSCH visit is on 05.10.2013 Saturday, I was very excited and very eager to see the BOSCH because I never visited such a big industry. When we reached the BOSCH company Mr. Hanumantha Rao welcomed us and then we started our journey of BOSCH, He first told us about the history of Robert BOSCH who is the founder of BOSCH, then sir showed us about the BOSCH company’s First products, and then we went to other branch’s and there we saw the manufacturing of machines that used in tractors, Engines etc., Mr. Hanumanth Rao explained very nicely about all branches, And one unique thing that we found in BOSCH is cleanliness each branch is like a ICU, it is very clean. The BOSCH is giving separate attention for the healthcare of its employees. It is very important thing that we observed in the BOSCH. Totally visiting of BOSCH was very good experience for us; it is really a unique company. Once again I am thankful to chandana madam.”

Our scholarship programme continues now to our greenlight girls in the Parikrma Foundation.  Two special girls, one studying her Bachelors of Engineering in BioTechnology and another in Junior College for science, are about to embark on their first year of studies.  Dr. Bhattacharya had the opportunity to visit the Parikrma schools on invitation by Ms. Shukla Bose, the Founder of Parikrma, for the Diwali celebrations over the past weeks.

In addition, greenlight for girls is now expanding our work to other regions of India.  In more rural areas, such as Rajasthan, the challenge is to find girls ready for higher education.  Often the girls stop their schooling as young as 8th grade which is already an improvement from recent years in which they stopped at 5th grade.  We are working with one special group of educators who have 33 girls in their 10th grade class (the same class had 2 girls a decade ago).  We hope to inspire future role models to continue their education and show the way for future generations.