News from our Scholarship Girls in India!

News from our Scholarship Girls in India!

“We love to study!”, says our greenlight girls scholarship recipients when we see them.  In the midst of their studies, we arranged a very special visit on 5th October – a trip to see behind-the-scenes at the Bosch manufacturing plant in Bangalore.  Our scholarship girls were provided a special tour of the plant by Bosch leadership.  The girls were in absolute awe of the opportunity.   Dr. Chandana Bhattacharya, who leads our g4g strategy in India, received a very special note from the girls – not only showing their appreciation but also demonstrating their amazing progress in learning English within a few short months. 

Breaking news! g4g Global Scholarship launches in India!


Greenlight for Girls believes that the future is full of possibilities and that every girl has the right to dream big. But there are bright girls in many parts of the world for whom accessing the possibilities that life has to offer is a bit of a challenge.  We are thrilled to announce that we are launching a grant to provide college-level education in STEM-related areas to girls in disadvantaged communities around the world.  Our first stop is Bangalore in India.  Known as the Silicon Valley of India, roughly 10% of Bangalore’s population lives in slums. 8 girls with exceptional academic records with dreams of pursuing a career in Science have been chosen and greenlight for girls would help funding their college education through the Global Scholarship initiative. After Bangalore, Greenlight for Girls will replicate the project in other parts of the world.  We invite you to take part in helping to send these 8 bright girls to university.

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