New School Year, New Location: Detroit, USA.

On September 29th, we held our first greenlight for girls meeting in Detroit, USA for young girls in the area to explore STEM and play around with experiments. 

Bridget our lovely volunteer in Detroit arranged for the girls to be doing some very fun and a little crazy experiments!


We had girls in grades k5-8 and we put them in teams. Both teams learned about the laws of motion, physics, and chemical reactions. The older girls modified toy cars, then powered them with vinegar and baking soda bottle rockets. Kallista was the first one to get her car to move! It was fun. Messy, but lots of fun.  

The younger girls started out making balloon rockets that they raced. They wanted to try to bottle rockets, so we showed them how to inflate their balloons with the same vinegar and baking soda mixture that was powering the cars. That worked out well, so we let them all work together to modify and power one car. They did get it to move, but it just spun around until the gas dissipated. According to the girls, that was cool!

"We all had fun and I was very pleased to hear the girls talking about the Law of Motion" was Bridget's comment after this eventful day.