The Science Library Has Landed!


We tracked the science library from Europe, over the sea and over Africa and saw it land in the Cameroon as our latest package of 7 boxes has been sent to CAPECAM orphanage. We are particularly excited to send this latest batch of books, they are the biggest yet! Thank you to everyone who donated a book and in particular to Marina who gave us more than 50 books! Also a big thank you to Boston University Brussels for sponsoring the delivery so that we may ship these books half way across the world! This was a great team effort and the third science library shipment so well done everyone! We hope the children enjoy the books!

 For our Science Library in the US, we would like to thank Elizabeth Seton Academy in Dorchester. MA for the donation of books for our traveling library. A special thanks to Lizzy Duddy, Associate Director of Advancement for contacting us and donating books!