Science Library, Currently in the Air!


On 27 June, in Boston University Brussels, greenlight for girls launched yet another dynamic initiative to join communities around the world that have demonstrated a need for science books for children

The project itself was made possible by the generous donations of English and French books, as well as several educational toys for girls ages 8 – 15. Ultimately, the goal of this initiative was to inspire a child to be curious and start thinking about science.  This was truly a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate that science is everywhere in everything we do. Not only, was science truly redefined and rediscovered, it also enabled the creation of bridges in our international community, linking one community to another.  Ideally, the book exchange provides a learning experience for both the donor and the recipient in another part of the world.  By donating books to their peers living in more impoverished countries there is benefit on both sides of the world.

A passionate group of greenlight for girl’s volunteers in Brussels sent the books and educational toys to Cameroon, while another group in the United States sent books and educational toys to India. 

The books were collected from the girls attending a Greenlight for girls event. The Girls are encouraged to choose a book that they read (or would like to read) that they think would be meaningful to a contemporary in the developing world.  This is an opportunity for girls to consider the information they would like to share with their peers.

The girls made personal inscriptions written in the books, such as, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, ” in order to give the science books a personal and encouraging touch. All the volunteers involved in this project aim to expand it by spreading the world around the globe that “the future is full of possibilities”.

Greenlight for girls would like to thank Boston University Brussels for their generous support to ship the books for the launch of the g4g Science Books on the Move initiative.