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Project Manager

Jelena is the Project Manager based at the g4g headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

For inquiries, feel free to email Jelena at projects@greenlightforgirls.org 


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Our organisation feels very lucky to be based in the capital of Europe, Brussels, Belgium.  Our global headquarters is located in this cosmopolitan city and is located in the heart of the European Quarter.

We began our first event in Brussels in the end of 2010 and we found an amazing school who opened their doors to their premises and enabled us to explore our potential to make science come alive.  The International School of Brussels (ISB) continues to be a strong partner of g4g and with them, we are now connected to international schools in various areas of the world. 

Belgium continues to be our location for greenlight for girls events each year - and now we extend to another town, Mol, Belgium with the help of another strong supporter, the European School of Mol and our wonderful partner organisations in the community. 

Our expansion continues in Europe and we brought forward g4g in Denmark in 2012.  We are currently reveiwing activities in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and the UK. 

In addition to Europe, we are moving further afield and look forward to bringing greenlight for girls in the UAE in the upcoming year.