Caterin (and Juliette!), our g4g girls of August!

Hello reader!

 I am Caterin, a physicist engineer in parallel with being a wife, and now mother of a curious, energetic wonderful baby girl, who inspires me every day and challenges me to nourish her curiosity as well as her thirst for new knowledge. My daughter and I are both August’s g4g girls!

Let me share with you the following pictures showing the different aspects of my life :

Ever since I was a child, helping others has been my way of life. As I have always liked to do pretty much many things, it was difficult to decide a major subject of studies. Once I asked myself what would I wanted to become, I found out that being able to understand how things around us actually work and solve large scale issues in society by technology means (that I would design and develop myself), always raised up my hypes. Those two reasons linked my love to help others, to solve problems and my extreme curiosity to understand anything – Then I discovered my passion for STEM subjects and I find any occasion as a good opportunity to have fun with science, either by dancing, light-painting, or at a science center (as shown on the pictures below) – either way, I have always enjoyed science in the company of others.

caterin g4g (1).jpg

There is no doubt that I love sharing my passion for STEM with others. When I lived in Belgium back then in the first semester of 2014, I joined g4g for the first time, when I assisted with the signature Daisy experiment at a science fair in Brussels. Ever since, I got enthusiastically trapped by the g4g “anything is possible” mission and as an outreach enthusiast, I could not help but to get actively involved. Afterwards, I brought g4g to Dresden (Germany) in 2016, where I created my best g4g memories through a g4g Day with the attendance of 100 girls from the Saxony region, as well as a g4g in the Classroom in the occasion of the International Girls’Day. Moreover, I introduced the Fruit Battery workshop, in which one can create electricity with fruits. Currently, I am involved on the g4g activities in France and my wish is to bring g4g to my hometown in Colombia!

Throughout my personal and professional experience, I have learned that to solve problems, innovate new ideas and face current challenges, the minds of both men and women must work together to bring different and diverse perspectives. Due to the remarkable gender imbalance in STEM fields, it matters that more women get involved to keep such advancements moving progressively. Therefore, a more diverse STEM population with an inclusive culture, where each individual can bring their full experiences and authentic selves, portends huge benefits to tech innovation at large and - to my opinion - it even provides a much needed moral compass.


caterin at work (3).jpg

It's not that women aren't wanted. However, many cultural forces continue to stand in the way: ranging from girls being steered toward other professions from an early age, gender bias and sexual harassment in the workplace to the potentially career-stalling effects on women of having children. I consider, some of the reasons women and girls participate in STEM fields at lower rates are lack of encouragement and of role models, negative peer pressure and harassment. Let's do our part to encourage young women in STEM by giving them role models, information and platforms for discussion. They need to know the world really needs them.  


There is an increased awareness of the role model problem: “One can’t be what one can’t see.” – I want to provide such support and to be a role model to my daughter and to as many girls around the world as possible. Help them to be aware of their great potential, help them to overcome stereotypes and inspire them to become the change they want to see. 


August at g4g : new experiments, events planning, a wonderful g4g Day in Canberra and an incredibly fun STEM Summer Camp in Brussels!

Well, considering the fact that it is now Sept. 12, it’s safe to say that we are all, officially back to school at greenlight for girls! After a rich summer, full of new experiments, events planning and amazing meetings, we are now ready to tackle a crazy and highly exciting Fall. In September alone, we will be in five different countries to meet more than 500 girls. But wait a minute, “What happened in August” you may ask?

After traveling the world for some deserved down time (how odd it is to catch a flight without a suitcase full or bristlebot kits and test tubes!) we hosted our fourth g4g Day @Canberra on August 17, with amazing numerous partners. 150 girls joined us, got inspired by wonderful speakers such as Madeline Mitchell, and discovered interactive and hands-on workshops around STEM.

A few examples? Team Dr Iona Novak learnt about programming skills, Team Dr Yanni Chin figured out Nature's code with the Fibonacci sequence, Team Professor Jennie Mallela had a blast whilst discovering finger prints and forensics, Team Professor Asha Rao measured time making their own sand clocks, Team Dr Steph McLennan had fun with static electricity, neutrons, protons and electrons Team Dr Devika Kamath flied helicopters, Team Dr Kudzai Kanhutu designed extra strong towers, Team Dr Onisha Patel experienced with plasma balls, Team Dr Muneera Bano built robots, Team Dr Madeline Mitchell discovered cryptography and physical security... and ALL of them had a blast!

Thank you to all our amazing partners, sponsors and friends, and see you next year! Girl Guides NSW & ACT, Questacon, Engineering & Computing at ANU, Royal Australian Navy, Geoscience Australia, Engineers Australia, Robogals, Kids SecuriDay, Girls Programming Network Australia


Then, between August 26 and 30, we hosted our second STEM Summer Camp with the Muntpunt library, in Brussels. For a week, girls and boys aged 9-14 had the chance to go through a variety of activities on all aspects of STEM.

On Monday, the kids were facing two engineering challenges : Building the highest and strongest structures possible and throw an egg from a second story without breaking it. A fun way to learn all about forces and engineering secrets!

On Tuesday, we awoke their senses thanks to chemistry; after crafting yummy polymer worms with honey, ketchup and sodium alginate, they had a fun relaxing session while crafting their own bath bombs.

On Wednesday, kids got to become programmers for a day as they learnt about AR, VR and coding while creating their own VR world!

Thursday, we dived into biology by extracting (and seeing!) some of our own DNA cells and discovered the importance of biodiversity while making our own seed bombs.

Finally, on Friday, we were incredibly lucky to spend the day with Zora the robot and learn everything there is to know about facial recognition.

A huge thank you to everyone at Muntpunt library for working with us on such an exciting program!

And… Buckle up g4g friends, in September we are organizing five events in five different countries
with three different partners and will meet with more than 500 g4g girls!

We’ll see you very soon!

In India, the USA and Belgium for a wonderful July!

Ooohh July! The sun, the ice-cream, the beach, the free time… Free time? Not at g4g!

In July, we went all out! To kick things off, we held two events with Stanley Black & Decker in the USA and India, we hosted three weeks of our STEM Summer Camp at the International School of Brussels, and we attended our very own special Summer Bootcamp. What a month!

First off, we were thrilled to be back at the International School of Brussels for three weeks of Summer Camp until July 12! For the third year in a row, we offered kids at ISB Summer Camp a range of exciting science activities. Hurrah to all the amazing young scientists who joined us (25 new faces each day!). Together we learnt everything there is to know about light, the colour spectrum and chromatography; We explored the secrets of forensics with latent fingerprint dusting & lifting, analyzing fingerprint patterns, invisible ink messages and ink chromatography; We dug into some chemistry while making our own bath bombs; We investigated electricity and created circuits which we used to make our very own customized scribblebots; We put our engineering-skills to the test while completing the “Great Egg Drop” challenge; We got messy with Oobleck and magic sand (did you know sand could be hydrophobic?!)…. and so much more! A massive thanks to ISB for hosting us and a big bravo to our amazing science instructors of the year: Indra, Emily, Ruairí and Alex!


On Saturday July 13, we welcomed 20 excited and curious kids for our new makerspace. We explored all about biodiversity and how different species can coexist, we talked about the importance of biodiversity to have resilient ecosystems and we learned all about the environment and the communities of life around us. Kids built a terrarium (to model the greenhouse effect), engineered their own insect hotels (the perfect way to offer some rest to solitary bugs in the city) and made seed bombs! A big big thanks to all the kids and parents who came on Saturday and a huge bravo to our wonderful volunteers and teachers of the day; Indra, Emily, Valentine and Tracy!


Then, on July 18 we headed out to the US for our first g4g @work in New Britain with Stanley Black & Decker. "What are the secrets of innovation? What are your biggest and wildest dreams?" These were some of the questions posed by Stanley Black & Decker’s first CTO, Dr Mark Maybury, as he welcomed 46 curious girls to our g4g event. With the help of 34 incredible volunteer role models, the girls learned how to code, explored statistics with M&Ms, engineered their own robot, created chemical reactions and even learned that listening, exploring, and collaborating are some of the secrets of innovators. What a day! Thank you to everyone involved for helping to bring such a fun day to life - we can’t wait for the next one!


On July 19, we were in India. Here, we met up with 58 wonderful and curious girls for our first g4g @work in Pune, India, with Stanley Black & Decker! Helped by 13 amazing and dedicated volunteers, we hosted a full day of STEM fun and discoveries. Girls from the local communities joined us and together we dove into electrical engineering, robotics, engineering design, and had fun using the SBD tools. Our goal? To show them that girls and STEM make a great combination and Anything is Possible!  A massive thanks to all the volunteers who came to help us and all the incredible STEM role models of the day: Mr Sunil Krish, Director of Manufacturing, who heads the Pune Plant facility, along with the leadership team - Mr Satish Pawar, HR Manager, and Ms Vinitha Mani, HR Manager & Women’s Network India Chapter Leader, as well as our g4g representative, Allan Rodrigues. India, we will be back!


Finally, the whole g4g crew gathered in our beautiful atelier in Brussels for some serious bonding and “boot camping!” We explored a few new STEM activities, wondered how we could incorporate more VR, more chocolate and more yoga into our upcoming workshops, (come back in the Fall to see all the answers!) and we took a deeeeppp breath before cleaning the whole g4g atelier and sorting out all our workshop material! In a nutshell, we are ready for the holidays… and we can’t wait for the upcoming crazy Fall-season which is jam-packed with fun events around the world!


Julia, our July g4g girl!

Julia (1).jpg

Hello there, I’m Julia!

It was about 5 years ago when I first took part in a g4g day in Brussels that I realized how fascinating and fun science could be (the Mentos and Coke experiment blew my mind and is still one of my favourites). Since then I’ve been to several events and only recently became an ambassador. It’s so exciting now being part of the team that made me, and continues to make so many young girls, enjoy science. What I love about g4g events is that girls get to choose which workshops to attend, meet other girls with a passion for STEM and discover new areas of science through experiments, games and group work.



This summer I’m moving from Alicante (Spain) to Cambridge where I’ll be doing a placement through the Year In Industry Scheme at Springboard Pro, an engineering consultancy who aim to improve lives through research and development in growing areas such as regenerative medicine, connected devices and diagnostics. It’s a field I’m very passionate about and I’m really looking forward to getting practical experience before going to university to study it.

I love physics, maths and biology, so I got very excited when I found out about this area of engineering that combined my favourite subjects with creative thinking. It involves applying engineering principles to medicine and healthcare. From designing prosthetics, to improving MRI machines and genetic engineering, its applications are wide and varied.


I'm also very sporty and I definitely believe that a healthy body helps keep a healthy mind. I always start the day with yoga and love football and cross country running. Through biomedical engineering we can allow everyone to enjoy sport and benefit from physical freedom, thereby increasing their independence.


Science is brilliant. It explains how things work, saves people's lives and it’s loads of fun. To be good at science, you don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be passionate. So to all of you girls out there who are passionate about science, trust me, the more science you do, the better it gets! And finally, I’ll leave you with a quote I’ve adapted from Émilie du Châtelet "Let us choose for ourselves our path in life, and let us try to strew that path with daisies.”

Ambassadors, Italy and the result of a 3 years-long study for our June!

Our sun-filled June began in beautiful Monvalle, Italy where we worked with Stanley Black & Decker to inspire engineering fun with children in their community.  And… this news just in!!  The Impact project led by University of Leuven is now ready to share!  Find out what young women are looking for in STEM studies – and how g4g is helping to build their confidence and skills.  Finally, in between gearing up for a very incredible Fall ahead, we had the opportunity to learn from our g4g Ambassadors as they shared their video stories with us on why STEM is so important to them.  You can be an Ambassador too!

Read all about it below!

On June 12, 2019, we were thrilled to host our first g4g @work event with Stanley Black & Decker in Monvalle, Italy. 25 girls and boys aged 8-14 joined us for an afternoon of science fun! After personalizing their Stanley Black & Decker labcoats, the kids were welcomed by Simona Carnabucci, HR Manager Italy for Stanley Black & Decker, and Marie from g4g. They then had the opportunity to build their own drawing robots, make explosive bath bombs, construct toolboxes with Stanley Black & Decker tools, have fun with snap circuits, as well as enjoying a visit to the warehouse and learning how SBD kits were made. A huge thanks to the 11 volunteers from SBD who joined us on this amazing day!

June is also the month of exams for a lot of students… including most of our amazing Ambassadors! We are sending them lots of positive thoughts and know they will be amazing. Speaking of such Ambassadors… do you know them already? Here is a short video introducing 5 strong young women who are doing us the honor of being Ambassadors for g4g. Have a look!


Finally, during this month of June, we also finalized a wonderful project which has been in the works for the last three years! Starting in November 2015, researchers from the Center for Social and Cultural Psychology at the University of Leuven, Belgium conducted a survey among our g4g girls in Western Europe, the United States, and Australia.

The goal? Gain more insight into girls' interest in STEM-fields, and to get some insight into greenlight for girls’ impact.

As a result, an Impact project was published and can be seen here. We’ve even created a fun infographic summarizing the most important findings. Have a look at it by clicking on the image on the left but in a few words … Girls LOVE science, they absolutely believe they belong in the STEM fields and the support of their social environment is a key factor to encourage them to continue on this path. We are thrilled to realize how much our g4g events can help them gain the confidence and the STEM community and inspiration they crave!

Thanks and congratulations to the team of researchers (and particularly Jenny !!) for this amazing work together 😍 !

In a nutshell, June was another super month for g4g, but July has no reason to worry that it won’t live up to the high standards set by the previous month, with three events over three continents (hello Europe, America and Asia!) and the ongoing, super exciting Summer Camp in Brussels! See you in a month!

Mirjam, our June g4g girl!


Hi everyone!

My name is Mirjam, I am a greenlight for girls ambassador and I come from Slovenia.

I am currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in molecular and cellular biology at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, USA. At my university, I am involved in neuroscience research. However, currently, I am in San Antonio, Texas where I am participating in a summer cancer research internship at UT Health San Antonio. At UT Health I am working with some of the most talented scientists in the genetic and cancer field to better understand the mechanism by which cancer can survive and attack our cells. In my free time I like to swim, sing, play guitar, travel and try new food.

My first experience with greenlight for girls goes back to high school. I attended the European School of Brussels 1 and participated in multiple g4g events. Whenever I was at a g4g day I really enjoyed doing the fun experiments to understand science. I was also amazed by how many other girls enjoyed science as much as I did. The g4g events influenced my decision to pursue a career in science. When I started college, I wanted to be involved with g4g, and I was happy to hear that I could do so by becoming an ambassador. As a g4g ambassador, I am committed to spreading the love for science to the future generations.


My love for science has grown through my research experience in the past couple of years. Whenever I am working in a lab or learning something new in lectures, I am fascinated by how wonderful the world around us is and how much there is to learn. I like solving puzzles to get a whole picture, and with science, there are endless combinations to understand the big picture of our world.