Inspired once again in India!


We have learned that inspiration has no limits.  Once again, our scholarship girls in India have shared with us their passion for learning and for science - so much, it makes us wish we were university students again too!

In January this year, we had an amazing opportunity with our greenlight children in India....

Greenlight for girls was a part of a multiple school-wide Parikrma Festival of Science with 200 children - bringing forward important societal issues related to science.  This year was focused on the issues of water and the children learned by hands-on activities on how to measure the quality and reach of water to their communities.  They learned that their city doesn't have enough daily needs for water and we discussed with them what we could all do to make a difference.  Parikrma is our partner to help identify potential greenlight scholarships - they are an incredible educational system aimed to help children who live in slums and orphanages around Bangalore. 

We met our scholarship girls to brainstorm our strategy for the upcoming year on how we could involve them as role models to encourage more children to aspire to university education.  The girls were so thrilled to give their good news - their latest exam scores (which were incredible!), their plans for their next degree (!!), their desire to get an internship to start learning in the science, engineering and IT fields, and how much they just love to learn.  Again - we couldn't help but be inspired by their enthusiasm. 

We had the chance to meet local partners who also work to teach science to children - and look forward to working together to hold greenlight for girls events in the community.

And with all this, we can't wait to tell you our really big news -- we are setting up a new scholarship for a community in Rajasthan and will have the chance to help 31 girls through their formative years to encourage the completion of high school and eventually to start their university studies.

Look to our future news as we will start our greenlight for girls activities in Calcutta & Mumbai!

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