Indra, our April g4g girl!


Hello everyone, I am Indra, I am a Projects & Events Coordinator at g4g!

I am quite new at greenlight for girls, since I first heard of the organization in January 2019, while coming across an unexpected job post. I was intrigued right away! The post differentiated by a light, open and approachable tone, and I have always been interested in gender studies and passionate about activities that raise gender equality and equity through increasing access opportunities to education. It is something I will always be engaged in and g4g’s open space was a great backdrop to realize this ambition.

Meeting the team personally, seeing its collaborative and collegial working environment paired with a passion to create truly engaging education activities for girls and young women, inspiring them to discover their potentials, immediately convinced me.

My engagement with g4g is just kicking off and up to this point experiences have been very rewarding – seeing a direct and clearly felt impact we are making on the girls at every step and event on the way, is priceless. The collaboration with countless volunteers, partners and the g4g community at large, has been impressive and a driving force behind creating events that bring everyday science and the people behind it to life.   


My interest in science

Science is in everything we see, touch or do – permeating even the most mundane tasks and actions of daily life. To me an interest in science ultimately sparks an interest in being an explorer of all things that are life. Understanding the world around us creates lively and open mind sets.

Those kind of open mindsets, I personally hope, will increasingly consider those pressing sustainability and social challenges our current and future generations are facing.  


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Girls & STEM…

It's a simple equation for me: I believe more girls in STEM equals more young women with the potential to be
change-makers, leading to more women actually working at the forefront of global challenges.

g4g is there to bridge the gap and raise girls in STEM. Proving that ‘Science is a girls thing’!
In this sense, the project inspires them to discover their potentials, installs confidence, and importantly empowers them to beat stereotypes!


Participating to our g4g events

It is tradition at every event, community outreach or gathering for the kids/girls to decorate their lab coats, with with whatever symbols, statements, pictures they find inspiring. The creativity and talent girls express on these lab coats as their canvass is outstanding and proves how Arts and STEM are far from exclusive.

At first my own lab coat was plain, white, empty, maybe sterile – the girls were there to change all that – ready to help me decorate. The first color my coat received was the sentence: ‘Girl Power’ – so simple, yet very meaningful. Moving through the room and seeing how a simple piece of ‘clothing’ transformed at the hands of the girls, more and more into a colorful artifact of meaning, hopes and ambitions, showed exactly the creational force that is science.

 Also, as a Social Entrepreneurship enthusiast, I believe the secret ingredient in g4g events is that they actually engage girls to Co-create their science experience!
They have the unique chance to take ownership of what they are learning, creating and experimenting with – which has a lasting effect on their ambitions and perception of potentials.


My personal message for the greenlight girls around the world

Always remember, that neither how we are born nor who we are told to be, can stop us from being true explorers, experiencers, experimenters and discovers of our own life, dreams and the world.