Our g4g March

Aww March. March is always a nice month for us, at g4g.

It starts with a day when all women of the world unite and claim their rights. As you may know, this year’s theme for the International Women’s Day, was “Balance”, because indeed, “A balanced world is a better world”.

For us, we celebrated women’s achievement through promoting loads of beautiful projects around the world initiated by women ; we raised awareness against bias through an event in Spain with a new partner ; we thanked all the amazing role models who helped us this past year…


 And then, daisies blossomed, temperatures rose, and we knew that Spring was just around the corner, just in time to help us sow our beautiful events around the world!

This 2019, March was quite full on with new events and opportunities. We started on March 6, by hosting our first g4g @work in Brussels with Solvay! Thanks to our amazing partners of the day, Solvay and XperiLab, 50 girls joined us and experimented with our 4 fun and interactive workshops. They discovered all the secrets of Sodium bicarbonate, explored the XperiLab Bus, tackled statistics with m&m’s and had an amazing tour of the Labs around Batteries and Reverse Engineering.

The sentence we heard and loved the most during this day? “Wow, so working in a lab is also a real job, not just what we see in movies?!”…

We finished the day with the amazing and encouraging words of Brigitte Laurent, Solvay’s Head of Diversity & Inclusion: “We need you in the future, great scientists to help us find solutions to the challenges of our planet”. We can’t wait to see what they will come up with!

Have a look at our video below to see more about the event!


 Then, we decided to celebrate the International Women’s Day a day early, and headed out to Barcelona for our first g4g @work with Nestlé !

30 girls came and had the amazing opportunity to explore chocolate madness at the experimental kitchen, had fun with the Kahoot activity at the digital hub, were amazed by all the wonderful volunteers’ scientists who came and were brilliant role models to the girls, met a dog celebrity (yes you read that correctly) … and so much more!

On March 9, we were thrilled to host our new g4g Day @Mexico with Cisco! 170 girls came along, and helped by 70 wonderful volunteers, with 10 fun and interactive STEM workshops. The girls discovered all the fun in robots, enjoyed and laughed with the Lego Serious Play, were amazed by the Satellite Magic, competed during techy videogames, collaborated during the Hour of code… and so much more!

The most beautiful part of the day was definitely witnessing the support and help, girls gave to each other during the mandala yoga. We are ONE!


After a couple of weeks without any events, the end of the month was full steam ahead. On March 27, we first rode to the UK for our first g4g Day @Birmingham with Covestro, at the ThinkTank Museum. What an exciting day! 100 girls from the local community came, explore the museum and dived into fun and hands-on workshops. They discovered polymer worms thanks to our chemist of the day, Daniela, had fun building scribblebot with Melissa and Marie, interacted with a robot, solved a jewelry thief thanks to forensics and explored through the whole museum!


A day later, on March 28th, you could find us in Idstein, Germany as we participated in the 9th year of Stanley Black and Decker’s Girls Day and Boys Day celebration at their premises. Stanley Black & Decker welcomed a special group of 18 girls and boys aged 11 to 13 for a unique morning of exploring science, technology, electrical engineering, business design, as well as being inspired by SBD role-models in these fields. And, of course, everyone went home with their own DNA necklace, g4g style!