April 2019 for g4g ; from the UK to the US, with sodium bicarbonate and VR

April 2019 was a very exciting and thrilling month for g4g! For once, we were not travelling to every continent all at once, so we managed to take the time to properly welcome new team members, to try a few new workshops, to plan some fun and nice video projects, and to reach out and meet with potential new partners... We have so much exciting news!

But first, what events did we host this month?



On April 3rd, Indra and Alex went to the UK, for our first g4g @work in Croydon with AIG. 30 girls aged 11-15, joined us and experienced the fun hands-on workshops we had in stock for them! They explored VR and vertigo at the same time while walking along the edge of the building, became true codebreakers, learned about the speed of light using chocolate, experienced forces and design-thinking using bicarbonate chemistry engineering, extracted their own DNA and made science jewelry out of it… in a nutshell, they experienced a true g4g event! A big thanks to all the 20 volunteers who joined us for this day of science fun!



On April 6th, Sarah, our amazing Board member, hosted the 4th g4g Day @BSU In Bridgewater, Massachusetts… What a day! 150 girls joined us and explored fun STEM-related workshops, conceived by all the amazing volunteers came to help us. What did they do? So much! First, they were welcomed by Dr. Jenna Mendell who gave a very inspiring keynote speech and encouraged future research scientists. Then, girls discovered engineering through 3d design, they built robots, learnt all the secrets behind aviation, saponification, extreme weather, and our organs, they experienced with waves and physics with the wonderful Physics for show, they learnt about the ropes of environmental engineering, they traveled to the moon (with our “craters’ secrets” workshops) and back (thanks to the Earthview workshop)…! A massive thanks to Bridgewater State University, the Center for Advancement of STEM Education of BSU and all the wonderful volunteers, teachers and students who made this day possible!


In addition to our traditional events, we also joined this year’s Arch Summit, happening on April 4 & 5 in Luxembourg. The goal of such summit is to ease the connection and create communication and links between start-ups and companies in the tech world. Tech world? Well, we wouldn’t miss that for the world! So Marie packed her bag, the g4g roll-up banner, a few daisies and headed to Luxembourg to make sure that such event would not miss all the fun g4g could bring to it! After a thrilling pitch presenting g4g, and in-between teaching all the chemistry of bath bombs, she had the great opportunity to meet Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate of 2011. Together, they discussed about the importance of education for girls, and started to think about g4g events in Liberia. We are all so enthusiastic about this idea and potential events with the Gbowee foundation, and we hope we will find all the resources needed to make it happen! Meanwhile, enjoy these couple of photos taken at the event!