Marianne, our November g4g girl!

Hi everyone!

My name is Marianne, I am French, 22 years old, and I have been a g4g ambassador for 4 years now! It all started after I participated in the recording of a g4g on the Air radio show with Radio X (which you can listen to here, by the way!). Fast forward to four years later, and I am joining g4g Team for the month of November and December, and getting even more involved with all the behind-the-scene stuff. The highlight was definitely organizing our g4g Brussels Day, with a turnout of more than 300 girls! Although it was a lot of work, I was very proud to see it come to life and to know that I had helped make it happen.

The recording of g4g on the Air with RadioX, my first g4g event ever!

The recording of g4g on the Air with RadioX, my first g4g event ever!


I am a strong believer in equal chances for everyone, so I was naturally drawn to g4g’s cause. Although I did not graduate in a STEM field, I am naturally curious and like reading and learning about everything, including STEM-related topics such as sustainability, chemistry, coding…actually, one of my favorite thing about volunteering at a g4g event is that I always get to learn new things about STEM during the day!

Unfortunately, my time as part of the g4g Team is slowly coming to an end, as I am preparing myself to move to the Netherlands. There, I will continue the rest of my gap year with an internship. I will miss the wonderful Team that I had the privilege of working with for these past two months, but I will of course remain a g4g ambassador. I am looking forward to volunteer at more g4g events in the future!