Testimonies from our Interns, Catriona and Charlotte!

The Girls writing special messages for the kids in South Africa!

The Girls writing special messages for the kids in South Africa!

Over the years, our interns have impressed us and continue to do so! This summer, among many, we have had two special young ladies, Catriona and Charlotte. During their time with us, they perfected our "Bath Bombs" experiment and took charge of our Science Libraries project by preparing a diverse batch of science books, with a  special note in each, for shipment to South Africa!  These two have been participating in our workshops during the g4g day in Brussels for three years now! At just 14 & 15 years old, their hope is to become more involved by, for example, becoming volunteers in the next event! Our response: why not become a workshop leader instead! The girls LOVED the idea and we loved having them with us! Their testimonies below:


From Charlotte:

"For a couple of years now I've been dreaming of becoming an engineer but I didn't do any science apart from the classes I had at school. For the last three years now, I have been going to the Brussels G4G Day and I love it. I enjoy it so much that I decided to spend a week of my summer holidays in the headquarters office and help out as an intern. This past week, we have been doing all kinds of things such as sorting out the library to send books to South Africa, creating posts on Facebook, making bath bombs and much more. I found that it was an amazing opportunity as I love the organisation and science itself. It was also a great learning experience for the future and I am hoping I will be able to come next year! I will continue to join Greenlight for Girls in their efforts and hopefully in the near future, I will help as a volunteer and become part of the team. A huge thank you to Melissa for the opportunity to be here and also Jelena and Alexandra for guiding us throughout the week! "

From Catriona:

"Since my beginning with G4G in 2011, when I attended the G4G day in Brussels, I've become more and more inspired. I've been going there every year, and I hope I can become a leader in just a few years. I love science, especially Chemistry and Biology, and I enjoy watching TV shows, such as "The Big Bang Theory" regularly which is why I think being an intern for G4G is such an amazing opportunity. I decided to become an intern this year as it had already been my third year with G4G and I thought that it would be something exciting to do this summer. It has been such a fun week, as we have been doing such exciting things, like making bath bombs, sorting out the library with the science books to be sent to South Africa, writing posts for the Facebook page, brainstorming ideas for the upcoming Radio Show, and so much more! This will probably be one of the highlights of my summer and I will definitely learn a lot from this experience and hopefully come back again next year. So, a big thank you to Greenlight for Girls, especially Jelena, Melissa and Alexandra and see you soon!"