Greenlight Girls go Stargazing with Astrophysicists in Brazil!

At g4g, we often speak about the word geek.  Or the word nerd.  Or other such words that are used, and often not in a nice way, to describe someone who is too intellectual or perhaps someone who is too knowledgeable or too enthusiastic in something scientific.  As you may already know, we at greenlight for girls wish to change the negative connotation of the word geek.  We even put together a video about this for kids.  

We think geeks are cool.  In fact, we know this is true.  You would too if you had the chance to go to the g4g in the community event in Brazil this past August.  Many, many greenlight geeks showed up.  We were geeks of all ages – toddlers to pensioners.  We were geeks of all types – men, women, girls, boys, students, workers.  The Mayor of the town showed up – she is a geek.  Our beautiful Kelly, g4g Brazil manager, is an astrophysicist geek.  Families were there – everyone a geek. 


Do you know why we knew that everyone was a geek?  Because their eyes lit up when they walked in the door.  Because they didn’t walk – they RAN to the science exhibits.  The museum from a nearby town brought a truck full of science fun – puzzles & optical illusions, human anatomy, wind & solar power, 3-D theatres, learning about the world around us… so much fun to play with.

The most magical moment was the end of the evening when a team of scientists invited us to join them on the mountain.  Telescopes of all sizes were assembled and perfected – the true love for their profession shown in the eyes of these astrophysicists as they wanted to get the telescopes just right in order to share with their family and friends.  With only the moonlight shining upon us, each of us had the chance to peer into the starry skies.  “I can see Saturn’s ring!!” was a common cry of surprise as all of us, all ages, had a chance to stargaze.

Intellectual.  Knowledgeable.  Enthusiastic.  Science.  Check, check, check and check.  Yes, we are all geeks and proud of it.