Interested in becoming a g4g ambassador?

Our ambassadors are official g4g representatives who help support greenlight for girls' projects and promote STEM initiatives in their own communities. Being an ambassador gives you a great opportunity to inspire and support young girls around the world to get involved with STEM.

As an ambassador…

  • You would be sharing your STEM work, ideas and inspiration with us regularly so we can feature those on our social media channels and website to help inspire girls around the world to become more involve with STEM.

  • You would help us promoting g4g events in your area and spread the word about the event.

  • You could also join us as a volunteer at g4g events, and very important - you would get to know other ambassadors around the world who share your interests!

  • And it can be much more! You could initiate your own g4g events in your area, find and build partnerships with interesting speakers, startups, companies and other schools who would like to support girls getting more involved within STEM. There are many creative ways to promote STEM as a g4g ambassador, we love to hear your ideas!


Our ambassadors are often in high school or university who are ready to be involved with g4g for at least one academic year, hopefully longer! If you would like to learn more about the other ways to get involved and support g4g, please contact us on [insert email] and tell us about you - we’d love to hear from you!

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