Julia, our July g4g girl!

Julia (1).jpg

Hello there, I’m Julia!

It was about 5 years ago when I first took part in a g4g day in Brussels that I realized how fascinating and fun science could be (the Mentos and Coke experiment blew my mind and is still one of my favourites). Since then I’ve been to several events and only recently became an ambassador. It’s so exciting now being part of the team that made me, and continues to make so many young girls, enjoy science. What I love about g4g events is that girls get to choose which workshops to attend, meet other girls with a passion for STEM and discover new areas of science through experiments, games and group work.



This summer I’m moving from Alicante (Spain) to Cambridge where I’ll be doing a placement through the Year In Industry Scheme at Springboard Pro, an engineering consultancy who aim to improve lives through research and development in growing areas such as regenerative medicine, connected devices and diagnostics. It’s a field I’m very passionate about and I’m really looking forward to getting practical experience before going to university to study it.

I love physics, maths and biology, so I got very excited when I found out about this area of engineering that combined my favourite subjects with creative thinking. It involves applying engineering principles to medicine and healthcare. From designing prosthetics, to improving MRI machines and genetic engineering, its applications are wide and varied.


I'm also very sporty and I definitely believe that a healthy body helps keep a healthy mind. I always start the day with yoga and love football and cross country running. Through biomedical engineering we can allow everyone to enjoy sport and benefit from physical freedom, thereby increasing their independence.


Science is brilliant. It explains how things work, saves people's lives and it’s loads of fun. To be good at science, you don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be passionate. So to all of you girls out there who are passionate about science, trust me, the more science you do, the better it gets! And finally, I’ll leave you with a quote I’ve adapted from Émilie du Châtelet "Let us choose for ourselves our path in life, and let us try to strew that path with daisies.”