Mirjam, our June g4g girl!


Hi everyone!

My name is Mirjam, I am a greenlight for girls ambassador and I come from Slovenia.

I am currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in molecular and cellular biology at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, USA. At my university, I am involved in neuroscience research. However, currently, I am in San Antonio, Texas where I am participating in a summer cancer research internship at UT Health San Antonio. At UT Health I am working with some of the most talented scientists in the genetic and cancer field to better understand the mechanism by which cancer can survive and attack our cells. In my free time I like to swim, sing, play guitar, travel and try new food.

My first experience with greenlight for girls goes back to high school. I attended the European School of Brussels 1 and participated in multiple g4g events. Whenever I was at a g4g day I really enjoyed doing the fun experiments to understand science. I was also amazed by how many other girls enjoyed science as much as I did. The g4g events influenced my decision to pursue a career in science. When I started college, I wanted to be involved with g4g, and I was happy to hear that I could do so by becoming an ambassador. As a g4g ambassador, I am committed to spreading the love for science to the future generations.


My love for science has grown through my research experience in the past couple of years. Whenever I am working in a lab or learning something new in lectures, I am fascinated by how wonderful the world around us is and how much there is to learn. I like solving puzzles to get a whole picture, and with science, there are endless combinations to understand the big picture of our world.