Sophie, our May g4g girl !


Hello everyone, my name is Sophie and I am the g4g girl for the month of May!

I'm currently studying for a PhD in Tropical Medicine at the Liverpool School of Medicine. I obtained a BSc in Biomedical Science from the University of Sheffield in 2014. Following this, whilst studying for a Masters in Immunology from Imperial College London, I undertook a 7-month research project with the Tuberculosis Research Centre, Imperial College London. Following a year as a research assistant at The University of Oxford, I started at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. In my spare time I enjoy ballet, rowing, bouldering and mountaineering. I’m a mentor for The Girl’s Network and a greenlight for girls ambassador.



I joined g4g to try and encourage more girls to pursue careers in STEM subjects. Indeed, I love STEM! I am particularly passionate about infectious diseases and global health. As a scientist I am concerned by the disparity in health care across the globe. I believe everyone has the right to access better diagnostics and treatments for the improvement of global health. Pursuing a career in tropical medicine allows me to try and improve a small part of this disparity in collaboration with a team of doctors and scientists. I enjoy working as part of a team. Science also gives me the opportunity to travel, with frequent travel to India for my PhD. 


STEM helps us understand how things work. STEM gives us the ability to identify something we think could be improved and allows us to be innovative and creative to try to make something better.  For these reasons, I believe we should encourage, everyone, to be more curious about STEM!