How's working at the Brussels HQ? Jeff and Siqi our interns from Boston University Brussels give you answers.


My internship experience at g4g has been incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.  The fact that it is not a huge organization allows me to be really involved in the projects going on and to take initiatives. During the past few weeks working here, I have gained so many valuable professional experiences such as learning to write funding proposals and managing projects. My supervisor Nevena is very supportive and helpful. This is really important to me personally because it’s my first time working in a professional environment, and because of her easy-going personality, I am not afraid of asking questions or feedback. The casual office atmosphere here also appeals to me a lot. Because of my work, I also learned to make cupcakes (decorated in theme with our Summer Science Social) with the team and taste food from Spain, Greece, and other countries as we had an “international lunch day” on which all of us brought food representing our own countries. We simply have fun and enjoy our work.

I am very grateful for the help I have received and the opportunities I was given during the internship. I get to carry out my own ideas as an intern and because of that, my work becomes much more fulfilling and meaningful to me than it would have been. Working at a non-profit has always been my career goal and g4g really gives me an insight of how non-profits work and what growing a non-profit entails. Thank you g4g for this amazing experience!" - Siqi


"My experience at greenlight for girls has been eye opening. I've had to experience and take on new challenges that I haven't faced before. However, a casual work environment has made handling these tasks easier and that's something I'm grateful for. It was great working with the other interns because I've never worked somewhere with people who were of a similar age and that helped me open up with my co-workers more than I have been able to in the past when most of my co-workers were at least ten years older than me. I enjoyed attending the Summer Social and being excited to see so many people supporting greenlight for girls, but it was also very exciting to see the result of my own work. It was fun working for an organization that had higher than to generate a profit and worked to better the world. I'll definitely remember this experience."

- Jeff